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Top 10 Geothermal Countries and Status of Indonesia Geothermal Power

In this post, I want to share you top ten geothermal countries per October 2018. Installed capacity of geothermal power generation capacity has reached more than 14,000 MW in the world (exactly 14,369 MW). The US is still the largest geothermal country so far.

Top 10 geothermal countries
Top 10 geothermal countries as on October 2018

Installed geothermal power generation in Indonesia increased to 1948 MW (previously 1438,5 MW as of 2015 based on RUPTL PLN 2018-2027 and increased to 1636,5 MW as of December 2016). This value is generated from 13 geothermal power plants in 11 geothermal working areas.

Indonesia installed geothermal power plant capacity
Indonesia installed geothermal power plant capacity as of October 2018


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