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Stephen Hawking celebrated his 70th Birthday

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, at Oxford, British Commonwealth. Today he celebrated his 70th birthday. He is the most famous theoretical physicist after Einstein.

He has been predicted to die at 1963 because of his rare disease, motor neuron diseases (MNDs). These are a group of neurological disorders that selectively affect motor neurones, the cell that control muscle activity including speaking, walking, breathing, swallowing, and general movement of the body. They can cause progressive disability and death. Stephen Hawking is one of example who can survive fifty years while enduring this disease.

He suffers from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which only 5% who suffers from this disease in the world. Most people who suffers from this disease will die one year later after sentenced to suffer that disease. The case of Stephen Hawking is a miracle.

Stephen Hawking who teaches at Cambridge University, UK, said that he was so lucky because his condition continued slower that most common case. This also showed that we must not loose hope.

He said, “I am often asked, ‘how it feels to suffer from ALS?'”. He answered, “I am fine. I try to live as common as possible and not think too much of my disease, or regret because I cannot do things, because in fact I cannot do much things”.

He also added, “Although there is a black cloud covers my future, I actually found something surprising. I better enjoy my life now than before.

In the middle of struggling over his disease, he keeps doing research and invent some important  progress of theoretical physics studies.

Despite of his disability, he is an optimist. He also said, “Human being is very stunted compared with the greatness of universe; so that people with disabilities is not a sign of significant cosmic”.

We are as normal people which have no disability should be more optimist to face life!

Happy birthday, Professor Stephen Hawking! You really inspired me!


Sandals: Symbol of Injustice in Indonesia

Sandal: symbol of injustice in Indonesia
Sandal: symbol of injustice in Indonesia

Today I read online Newspaper in in the international section. I was shocked reading the news about the case of AAL, young teenager from Central Sulawesi, who was convicted of stealing sandal. If only the sandal that was stolen does not belong to police officer, his case would not continue to trial. In addition, that sandal was worth not much, only IDR 30,000 which is about $3.

Of course this is very not fair if we compare to corruption case in Indonesia. This case showed that how expensive justice for poor people. In Indonesia, justice can be bought by money. Only the one who has a lot of money and close to the legal world will easily get justice. Justice is no longer about what is wrong and what is right. Justice is blind. It cannot see and distinguish the right from wrong. Therefore, we no longer believe in police institution.

This case has become one of headline in most international news: BBC, CNN, ABC News, Voice of America, and other. I don’t know if this case will be a part of something we (Indonesia people) need to think about.

The fact that today people are dumping a dozen of sandals all over places, not only in the cities, showed that they are fed up with the police. They are very angry. They see police are mostly corrupt.

I cannot see police as the one whom I can beg for protection. In the earlier, they shot and killed three people at Bima, East Nusa Tenggara. Last December they were also involved in the beheading of villagers near palm oil plantation in Southern Sumatera. They acted like a military. Police rarely investigated their members. If they did so, the punishment was not significant. They just said their members were lack of professionalism. Their “lack of professionalism” is not commensurate with the lives they have ripped.

I wish the legal condition in Indonesia will be better. This is very shameful for us. I don’t think most Indonesian people will believe in the police institution. They are more like enemies than friends for us.


Martin Luther King Jr.

I think this is not the first time I heard about Martin Luther King Jr. However, I don’t know exactly who he is.

TIME magazine presents photo-biography of him to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day which is observed on the third Monday of January. But, wait, who is he? What is so great about him?

After reading several sources, including Wikipedia of course, Martin Luther King is an influential civil rights leader. He is best known as iconic that against discrimination in the United States. He is also known by “Black Gandhi” because he used non violent methods as Gandhi did.

He was born in Atlanta at 1929. Martin grew as educated and religious person. His father, Martin Luther King Sr., taught him Catholic in a very discipline way. It is not surprised that Martin Jr. followed the path of his father.

Being grown in a religious family make Martin Jr. be more critical to the condition of surrounding environment. When he was a Montgomery church, he always teaches his congregation that all people are the same.

The effort that Martin did to fight against racism is with peace. Not all negro people agreed with his method, but Martin believed that violence will lead to another bigger violence.

After he has been fighting constantly against racism, he died tragically on this hotel. He was shot by a stranger.

Although he has passed away, his spirit will always together with the people who have dream. Martin is right, people who see other people by his/her skin is a stupid.

How to make Indonesia Richer

I believe Indonesia is a rich country. But there is a joke that we were like a dead rat in the granary. We were supposed to live happily because we have fertilized soil and we also have abundant mineral and gas resources. But the bitter fact is we live unhappily, people are starving while there are so many rotted foods. I sometimes don’t understand why this happen to us.

I lived at Taiwan two years ago. Living in such developed county make me think that there are so many negative consequences living in developing country like Indonesia. The simple case is sanitary. I’ve never seen waste lied in the road while I was living in Taiwan. But in Indonesia, waste is everyday’s scenery. We can see them lie on the roads. Read More

What Anne Said

You can get inspirations everywhere and every time. Even when you write one single sentence which contains only five words, you can develop it into one good story. More than that, inspiration will live your life. At least, it burns your spirit.

One day, I browsed information related to holocaust by Nazi. I intentionally found one victim of that holocaust named Anne Frank. She was a Jew. When Nazi invaded Germany, Anne and her family moved to Netherland and lived there. At the beginning they could live normally, but not after Nazi invaded Netherland. They hid in the Annex house, a hideous place that kept three families. Read More