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Types of Liquid-Solid Separation

Most process industries require the separation of solid and liquid phases, and several techniques are utilized to accomplish this. Figure below shows several types of liquid-solid separation techniques.

Liquid-solid separation methods
Liquid-solid separation methods

Gravity or centrifugal force can be used to separate materials based on their different densities, or in the case of filtration, the particle size and shape. The best method to apply will be specified by the solids concentration, feed rate, size, composition of the solid particles, the objective of separation (clear liquid or solid product), and degree of dryness of the solid required. Read More

Weir trough

Primary Treatment of Wastewater

Aims of primary treatment of wastewater is to separate suspended solids and greases from wastewater. What does primary treatment of wastewater remove? Sedimentation remove both organic and inorganic suspended solids. In addition, skimming, as part of sedimentation tank, remove grease, oil, scum, and floating solids.

Primary treatment of wastewater includes primary sedimentation (also called clarification), microscreen, Imhoff tanks. In most facilities, primary treatment is used as preliminary step ahead of biological treatment. Read More