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Attending Financial Technology Seminar in ITB Part 2: Required Skills in Digital Era and Learning From TCASH and Tokopedia About Financial Services

The next speaker after Mrs. Sri Mulyani Indrawati in seminar of financial technology for Indonesia was partner from McKinsey Indonesia. They explained about digital archipelago and what skills required in digital era.

Digital Archipelago: How Online Commerce is Driving Indonesia’s Economic Development

You can download executive summary of the Digital Archipelago publication here. The publication is about how Indonesia’s economic development is growing due to growth of digital technology.

McKinsey team also described three types of skills required in this digital area, which are technology skills (digital skills), classic skills (human skills), and digital citizenship skills (metaskills).

3 required skills in digital era
3 required skills in digital era

Learning How TCASH and Tokopedia Take a Part in Digital Technology

What I learned from TCASH and Tokopedia in digital technology is how to make the financial services safe and accessible.

At the beginning of TCASH development, TCASH development team learnt that the cause of stagnant growth of TCASH is people trust. People wonder how TCASH works and would it be safe to convert money on TCASH.

TCASH development team learnt that people still needed physical grasp as companion of TCASH app. That’s the beginning of TCASH sticker. And it is proven that TCASH sticker increased people acceptance to their payment services.

tcash sticker as companion to tcash app to increase people acceptance to payment services of tcash
tcash sticker as companion to tcash app to increase people acceptance to payment services of tcash

How to Gain People Trust to Use TCASH Payment Service

Gaining people trust can be very difficult, especially if it is about money. I myself use several financial services, including TCASH, OVO, sometimes Go-Jek. One day I experienced fail top-up in one of those financial services and it is a bit ruining my trust to the financial service.

So, how to gain people trust in payment service? TCASH have several strategies.

How to gain trust for people to use payment service
How to gain trust for people to use payment service

TCASH team collaborate with OJK (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, Financial Services Authority) so that OJK team can audit financial services activity of TCASH. TCASH team also perform internal audit (self audit).

Strong infrastructure must be built. For example, servers. If one server is down, the data is backed up and 2nd server, and so on.

The last one is simple procedure. The procedure must be as simple as possible and easy to understand. People will be suspicious if the procedure is complicated.

That’s all I want to share. I hope you enjoy this post and find it useful.

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