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Aging with Grace

Aging with Grace and My First Beauty Class

Last weekend, I participated in Aging with Grace Seminar and beauty class. This activity was held as one of celebration event of 70 years of ITB School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH). I think this seminar and beauty class will be very interesting.

Speakers of the seminar were Dr. Anggaini Barlian, who is lecturer in ITB School of Life Sciences and Technology, and Bu Maily, who is advance research coorporate head from Sariayu Martha Tilaaar (PT Martina Berto Tbk). Dr. Anggraini explained about what aging is, aging process, what causes aging, and several of her research on aging. In addition, Bu Maily explained about trend in current cosmetics and how to get healthy skin as we grow old.

Aging is unavoidable

As human, aging is unavoidable. No matter how beautiful and young you are now, one day you will be old.

Physiologically, aging is a process where our life function reduced. It is cause by several factors, such as cell accumulative damage, DNA damage (for example in Warner Syndrome, in which people age faster than normal), poor diet, and poor lifestyle.

Are there any organisms that “immortal”? Yes, there are. Jelly fish, red lobster, sea turtle, and tardigrade are known to have high adaptability to disadvantage environment. They use this capability to survive, thus increasing their lifetime to almost “immortal”.

Immortal organisms
Several organisms that are aged very slowly

Why Are We Growing Old?

There is a part of DNA that are going shorter whenever cell divides. That part is called telomere.

Telomere is associated with aging. Why? There is a time when telomere is too short, that the cell can no longer divides. That condition is called senescent or the cell died. Thus we age.

Telomere is getting shorter as we grow older

Other factor that caused aging is free radical which are from cigarette smoke, radiation, or pollution. UV light (photoaging) can also damage DNA in skin cells. UV A can cause early aging. UV B cause inflammation. Bluelight can damage our cells.

The last thing that less people realized that this also contribute to aging is mind condition (stress, etc) and poor diet (too fast weight gain and weight loss).

Why we age
Several causes why we age

Current Trend in Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Nowadays, cosmetics and skin care products tend to switch their composition from synthetic materials to natural materials. The principle is, if something is healthy to be eaten, that it can be cosmetics material.

In addition, material composition of cosmetics and skin care products are getting simpler. For example, last time we need 40 materials to produce a particular cosmetics product, now we need about 20 materials.

How to Get Healthy and Beautiful Skin As We Grow Old?

There are four things that we need to maintain to get healthy and beautiful skin as we grow old: keep our skin clean everyday, keep healthy lifestyle, do regular exercise, and keep positive mind.

How to have beautiful and young skin
How to have beautiful and healthy skin as we grow older

My First Beauty Class Experience

In this very first beauty class, I learnt how to take care of my skin, and overall beauty. Being beautiful means not only you have beautiful skin, but also other things.

Being beautiful means you:

  • Have broad knowledge, skills, and capabilities
  • Maintain good behavior, be polite when you speak
  • Have high adaptability
  • Are religious

Simply said, being beautiful is not only in the outside, but also inside yourself.

In this beauty class, I learnt step-by-step and practical experience how to do your own make up. It is a bit awkward experience for me because I am not used to do make up. However, I think it was quite fun.

I learnt how to clean my eyes, lips, and even how to properly clean your face using milk cleanser, refreshing cleanser, and so on. In this class, I learnt that until now I did wrong method in cleaning my face. I learnt correct movements to take care of my face since cleaning until put make up.

I am not sure I want to put make up on daily basis. But, I am certainly interested in keeping my skin young and healthy by doing correct skin care.

This event was actually the best opportunity to get Sariayu discounted products. However, as I mentioned before, I quite confuced to choose what products I wanted to buy. Finally, I bought shampoo for hairfall treatment and hair tonic. Hopefully, I will get beautiful hair as well.

I hope you enjoy this post. If you want to know more about my first beauty class, don’t hesitate to put comment below.

Source of telomere picture.

Source of tardigrade picture.

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