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Watch What You Say

I can say all I have achieved in my life is begin with what I said. For example, I always say I want to be a consultant in past. I said that very lightly as if being a consultant is easy. And now, I am a consultant for six years! I have never been able to enter manufacturing, oil and gas company, or fast moving consumers goods company. I think I started to believe that what you say is what you pray for.

I always feel I will not get a chance to work at oil and gas company. Honestly, right now, I am looking for opportunity “to settle”. Last time, I thought I will work for the rest of my life in my previous company since I am already a permanent employee. But, something happened. Read More

Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger – Tube Side Construction

In my previous post, design of shell and tube heat exchanger – layout design, I shared how to select fluid allocation, which one should be in tube side and which one should be shell side, general rule for allowable fluid velocity, pressure drop, and temperature approach. This post will be the continuation of design of shell and tube heat exchanger series, which specifically explain about construction detail in tube side.

Want to learn from the beginning?
Read my first post about step-by-step design of shell and tube heat exchanger. Still curious? Read my second about about layout design of shell and tube heat exchanger.


This is mind map of this topic.

Design of shell and tube heat exchanger - tube design
Design of shell and tube heat exchanger – tube design

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My First Javascript Online Calculator – Instrument Air and Compressor Sizing

For a long time, I want to post something more advance in this blog. I always want this blog like or I want to make online calculator just like did.

Due to my limitations, at this point I cannot create online calculator. To compensate that, I tried to make useful spreadsheet.

But, today I did it! I made my first online calculator, which is instrument air sizing calculator. Please click this link to access to instrument air and air compressor online calculator. I hope you find it useful.

It is better for you to check two of previous post related with the calculator. Calculation basis used in this calculator is based on those two post.

Read Sizing of Compressor and Instrument Air Capacity

Read Spreadsheet of Air Compressor and Air Dryer Calculation


I already replaced spreadsheet attached in this post : Spreadsheet of Air Compressor and Air Dryer Calculation. So you can trace how the calculation works.


Fire Water Pump Capacity Calculation Part 1 – Fire Zones Determination

Process safety and pressure relieving and depressuring system are two areas that I want to master. Since the topic is quite big, in this post I want to share you what I learnt about fire water pump capacity calculation, specifically how to determine fire zones.

Fire water pump capacity calculation begins with fire zones determination. The whole pictures of fire water pump capacity calculation is expressed in figure below.

Fire water pump capacity calculation
Fire water pump capacity calculation

To determine fire water pump capacity, we can say we determine fire water demandMaximum fire water demand is summation of fire water required for fixed system (water spray, foam, sprinkler) and fire water required for manual fire fighting equipment (fire hydrant, fire monitor, and hose reel). Read More