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I Tried Using Aioflo Pipe Sizing and Flow Calculation

In this post, I want to share with you my experience using Aioflo Pipe Sizing and Flow Calculation. I found this software when searching for Uconeer professional unit conversion program.

Katmar Software developed many engineering software, one of them is Aioflo Pipe Flow Calculator. Aioflo can calculate pipe sizes, flowrate, and pressure drops for liquids and gases. This is a screenshot of the software.

Screenshot of Aioflow Pipe Size and Flow Calculation
Screenshot of Aioflow Pipe Size and Flow Calculation

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Stage Separation of Gas-Condensate

Stage separation of gas-condensate is a process in which hydrocarbon mixtures are separated into vapor and liquid phases by flashing to low pressure in several steps. Main purposes of stage separation are:

  1. To obtain a more stable stock-tank liquid
  2. To increase liquid recovery

Figure below shows typical stage separation process.

Stage Separation Process

I want to share to you some terminology that I also just knew about stage separation. A two-stage separation requires one separator and one storage tank, and a three-stage separation requires two separators and one storage tank. I never thought before that the storage tank is always counted as final stage of vapor-liquid separation. Read More