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Design of Air-Cooled Exchanger (Part 2)

This post is continuation of air-cooled exchanger design (part 1). In this post, I want to share free spreadsheet of air-cooled exchanger design. I used sizing procedures from GPSA engineering data book.

Please differentiate between heat load and motor power. I sometimes found young engineers confused heat load with motor power, especially when listing equipment load list.

I found many resources in internet about how to size air-cooled exchanger. We can size air-cooled exchanger easily by inputting necessary variables. For example, I used Checalc to calculate air-cooled exchanger. But, it is necessary to understand what we do.

The hardest part of sizing air-cooled exchanger by using spreadsheet is so many data to check in charts/graphs. For example, friction factor, physical property factor, and correction factor. I hope we can be patient to handle this.

Please check my spreadsheet about how to size air-cooled exchanger. I hope you find this post useful.

Air Cooled Exchanger