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Birthday Celebration of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Yesterday, I found something interesting on Google, the doodle. It was really beautiful and colorful. Not like other Google doodle, this one does not include Google letter. The doodle is an infinite-moving, colorful electromagnetic wave-like diagram. And guess what? When I clicked the image, it initiated the Google search for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Who doesn’t know Hertz? I think everyone will know who he is since his name is very popular in physics and electrical engineering books. His last name becomes the unit of frequency.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz is a German physicist who was born in Hamburg, February 22, 1857, and died in Bonn, January 1, 1894 (age 36). All I know about him is that he clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light. That’s all. The question is what is so important about him? Why his invention is very important?

Hertz proved that electricity can be transmitted in electromagnetic waves, which travel at the speed of light and which possess many other properties of light. His experiments with these electromagnetic waves led to the development of the wireless telegraph and the radio. He demonstrated that these are long, transverse waves that travel at the velocity of light and can be reflected, refracted, and polarized like light. Perhaps, without his inventions, we will never enjoy radio and television like today.

I believe every great student has great teacher behind him/her. Hertz studied under famous scientist Hermann von Helmholtz in Bonn. He encouraged Hertz to attempt to win the science prize that led to some of Hertz’s most important discoveries.

I found an amazing fact from that Heinrich Hertz’ nephew, Gustav Ludwig Hertz, was Noble prize winner in Physics and Gustav’s son, Carl Hellmutz Hertz, invented medical ultrasonography and ink jet printing. Hertz family is very amazing. Is this just coincidence or their blood brought it?

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