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General Selection Guidelines of Rotary Pumps

In this post, I want to share to you general selection guidelines of rotary pumps.

Rotary pumps are positive displacement pumps. However, they are different from reciprocating pumps because they have relatively steady and non-pulsating flow. Rotary pumps are generally selected to handle very high viscosity fluid or if the flow rate is too low to be handled economically by other pumps.

There are several common applications of rotary pumps:

  • Transferring gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel into tanks or day tanks
  • Supplying fuel oil to burners
  • Running lubricant through the bearings of process machinery, turbines, reduction gears, and engines.

Before we jump into the general selection guidelines of rotary pumps, I think we need to understand several terms that related to rotary pumps, such as slip, volumetric efficiency, and mechanical efficiency, and of course several types of rotary pumps. Read More