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Discussing about Fire Extinguisher with Vendors

Yesterday I got a quite tough and long discussion with one of fire extinguisher product vendor. I learned that I need to define what I really want, what scope of supply is, and what scope of works is. The discussion became very unefficient at the beginning because of those issues. My action was late so that I could not control the discussion. Fortunately, it was clear at the end.

I have created material take off for fire extinguisher and other related products, such as hose reel, potable fire extinguisher, manual alarm pull station, smoke detector, hydrant pillar, hydrant box, siamese connection, and water spray for the tanks. However, there were several issues that has not been addressed. Honestly, the discussion broadened my knowledge because the vendor has a lot of experience (I think). In this post, I want to share to you some of the points.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

One important thing that I forgot to write on my material take off is addressable fire alarm panel. You can find the example in this link. It is a kind of panel in which every fire protection module and sensor can act as a peer, able to communicate directly with the detection control panel. This direct communication reduces the fire protection response time and every fire detection device can generate highly detailed and accurate information.

Hydrant Box

It is very wise to make sure that vendor quotes the price of hydrant box complete with its accessories, such as fire hose and suitable coupling, spanner, and nozzle (multipurpose nozzle: solid bore and fog).

Suitable Detector 

Not all building needs smoke detectors. For specific-purpose building, such as power house and MCC, different detector and different fire suppression method is required. It is better to consult with vendor what the best is.

Coordination with Tank Fabricator for Water Spray Installation

I thought installation of water spray for tank is simple. But I was wrong. Installation of water spray, especially the tall one, required coordination with tank fabricator, especially for the support of pipe.

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