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Spreadsheet of Air Compressor and Air Dryer Calculation

In previous post, I shared about how to calculate capacity of air compressor and air dryer. In this post, I want to share you spreadsheet of the calculation. I made the spreadsheet simple so it can be used easily. You just need to input:

  • Quantity of shutdown valve (SDV)
  • Quantity of control valve (CV)
  • Number of utility station/utility connection
  • Capacity of nitrogen generator

In this spreadsheet, I assume to use dessicant type air dryer, so that you also need to input air loss during regeneration.

This is the screen shoot of example.

Air compressor and air dryer calculation spreadsheet
Air compressor and air dryer calculation spreadsheet

At the beginning, I planned to create online calculator. But I thought it will be difficult for me to prepare it and it also takes time if I prepare it by myself. I hope this spreadsheet is useful!

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