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7 Steps of Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Assessment

Currently I’m working on Quantitative Risk Assessment Study for CNG Filling Station. We already worked on Hazard Identification, therefore it’s quite easy for us to choose the most significant hazard scenario for that risk assessment.

I found several reports regarding Quantitative Risk Assessment in Chemical Process Industries, especially in CNG Filling Station, for example QRA report conducted by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) for Mahanagar Gas.

Guidelines for Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Assessment (CPQRA) from American Institute for Chemical Engineers provides a quantitative method to evaluate risk and identify areas for cost-effective risk reduction

I just finished to summarized Seven Steps of CPQRA extracted from the guidelines. Hopefully this summary is useful for you to learn the basics of quantitative risk assessment in chemical process industries.

Download pdf version : Steps of QRA rev.