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How to Calculate Component Flow Rate from Composition

This post would be very simple, yet useful. I found in whole career as process engineer, in most cases, something very simple is very important. As engineer, we almost always deal with mathematics. In this post, I want to share a simple mathematics on how to calculate component flow rate from composition.

We all know that the summation of mol fraction and weight fraction must equal to 1. And sum of individual component flows in any stream cannot exceed the total stream flow. Therefore, we can calculate component flow rate if the composition of all components are well defined, and at least 1 component flow rate is known.

Let’s use example.

The feed stream to a reactor contains ethylene 16%, oxygen 9%, nitrogen 31%, and hydrogen chloride. If the ethylene flow is 5000 kg/h, calculate the individual comment flows and the total stream flow. All percentages are by weight. Read More