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Where to install pressure gauge at pump discharge line

Yesterday I had enough time to increase my basic knowledge in chemical engineering because I had finished my works. Then, I stumbled upon this link and started to think about my piping and instrumentation diagram. I realized I had make a fundamental mistakes. I felt useless.

I am writing this post so that I will remember my mistakes and never try to do it again. Hope you find it useful.

Remember everyone! Pressure gauge shall be installed after pump discharge nozzle and before check valve. The consequence is if you have two pumps (one is running and another is stand by, then you have to install two pressure gauge). The reason is:

  • To show actual pump discharge pressure. If you install pressure gauge after check valve, the value of discharge pressure won’t be actual due to pressure loss of check valve
  • In the case of check valve failure, pressure gauge will show actual discharge pressure. If the pump has problem, pressure gauge will show pressure value lower than usual

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