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Working Experience

Company: PT LAPI ITB (September 2015 – May 2017)

Position: Process Engineer

List of Project:

Detail Engineering Design of CNG Filling Station

Client: PT Pertamina (Gas and Renewable Energy Department)

Duration: 2 months (September 2015 – October 2015)

Description: We are responsible to prepare detail engineering design for 7 (seven) gas filling stations consisted of 1 (one) mother station, 4 (four) online stations, and 2 (two) daughter station


  1. Prepare inspection and test plant required for each filling station
  2. Prepare procedures for precommissioning, mechanical completion, and commissioning and start-up
  3. Prepare hazard identification (HAZID) report
  4. Prepare hazard and operability study (HAZOP) report
  5. Support preparation of quantitative risk assessment report

Proposal Tender of LNG Regasification Facility for Electricity Generation System in Central Region of Indonesia (21 locations)

Client: PT Pertamina (Gas and Renewable Energy Department)

Duration: 7 months (November 2015-May 2016)

Description: We are responsible to provide technical documents for bidding purpose for 21 locations of Power Plant distributed in Central Region of Indonesia.


  1. Prepare conceptual design of LNG regasification facility
  2. Prepare engineering drawings, such as PFD, P&ID, and UFD
  3. Prepare engineering calculations, such as pump sizing, hydraulic calculation, and utility consumption
  4. Prepare engineering documents, such as Process Design Basis and Process Description
  5. Consult with vendors regarding technical concept of equipment and facility

Front-End Engineering Design of LNG Receiving and Regasification Facility for PLTG Gorontalo (4 x 25 MW)

Client: PT Pertamina (Gas and Renewable Energy Department)

Duration: 3 months (May 2016-July 2016)

Description: We are responsible to provide technical documents as well as engineering estimate for gas power plant in Gorontalo (4×25 MW)


  1. Prepare simulation of LNG regasification with capacity of 26 MMSCFD using Hysys
  2. Prepare Process Flow Diagram and Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
  3. Prepare engineering calculations: equipment sizing, line sizing, utility consumption, and venting study
  4. Coordinate with other discipline related to engineering issues

Front-End Engineering Design of LNG Terminal and LCNG/LNG Station

Client: PT Pertamina (Gas and Renewable Energy Department)

Duration: 4 months July 2016 – October 2016

Description: We are responsible to provide engineering documentation and owner estimate for LNG Terminal in Balongan and LCNG/LNG Station in 5 (five) locations in Java area.


  1. Prepare basic process deliverables: PFD, HMB, UFD, and P&ID
  2. Prepare process engineering basic documentation: process design basis, process operating and control philosophy, sparing philosophy, etc
  3. Coordinat with other discipline related to engineering issues

Feasibility Study of Cold Energy Utilization of LNG for Chilled Water Production

Duration: on-going (starting from November 2016)

Description: We study utilization of cold water from LNG regasification in Benoa Floating Regasification Unit for Chilled Water Production in Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali


  1. Prepare process conceptual design of energy utilization
  2. Coordinate with parties in Benoa FRU and Ngurai Rai Airport for facility interface
  3. Prepare technical and commercial proposal

Front-End Engineering Design of City Gas Project in Mojokerto

Client: PT Pertamina Training and Consulting

Duration: November 2016 – December 2016

Description: we are responsible to prepare technical and commercial proposal for city gas project in Mojokerto for 9200 house connections.


  1. Prepare process simulation of city gas project for about six regulating sections
  2. Prepare process engineering documentations, such as process design basis, hydraulic analysis, line sizing, and polyethylene pipe thickness calculation

Feasibility Study of Gas Supply Chain for Power Plant

Client: PT Indonesia Power

Duration: December 2016 – Februari 2017

Description: we are responsible to check gas supply, demand, and power plants development as planned in RUPTL 2016-2025

Responsibility: Prepare technical concept of regasification, including sizing of equipment, prepare block flow diagram, and process flow diagram.

Company: PT Tripatra Engineers & Constructors (April 2014 – August 2015)

Position: Project Engineering

List of Project:

Senoro Gas Development Project Joint Operating Body Pertamina – Medco EP Tomori Sulawesi (JOB PMTS)

Precommissioning and Mechanical Completion of Early Start-up Facility (supplying 8 MMSCFD start-up gas to buyer)


  1. Prepared general precommissioning activity procedure
  2. Prepared necessary engineering calculation related to precommissioning
  3. Prepared checklists related to mechanical completion
  4. Prepared mechanical completion dossier for subsystem and system
  5. Ensured completeness of precommissioning activity and precommissioning report
  6. Coordinated with other discipline to control precommissioning activity and punch list killing

Precommissioning of Central Processing Plant (CPP)

  1. Prepared and reviewed mark up P&ID for piping precommissioning activity
  2. Prepared documentation and vendors procedure for precommissioning
  3. Calculated and expedited precommissioning consumables
  4. Assisted other project engineers related to preparation of mechanical completion dossier
  5. Coordinated project admins to prepare inspection report
  6. Prepared materials for CPP operation training
  7. Performed training for JOB PMTS operators for utility area
  8. Ensured mechanical integrity, instrument integrity, electrical integrity, and piping integrity in Gas Separation Unit and Acid Gas Removal Unit
  9. Performed punchlist finding for piping
  10. Performed functional test for instrumentation

Company: PT Tracon Industri (November 2011 – March 2014)

Position: Process Engineer/Project Engineer

Pre-feasibility study of carboxymethyl cellulose plant reactivation of PT Humpuss Karbometil Selulosa, Cikampek

Client: PT Humpuss Karboksimetil Selulos

Duration: 3 months (November 2011 – January 2012)


  1. Evaluated technical consideration of plant reactivation
  2. Compared several alternatives of technical solutions
  3. Evaluated economical and financial consideration of plant reactivatiOn
  4. Prepared complete pre-feasibility study report and presentation

Bankable Feasibility Study of Ferronickel Plant and Power Plant PT Abuki Jaya Stainless Indonesia, Mandiodo, South-East Sulawesi

Client: PT Abuki Jaya Stainless Indonesia (we worked under Outotec Oyj, Finland)

Duration: 4 months (Januari 2012 – April 2012)


  1. Formulated project background, concept of health, safety, and environmental measures, and corporate social responsibility
  2. Performed economical and financial analysis of the project
  3. Evaluated economical and financial consideration of plant construction
  4. Prepared bankable feasibility study reports and presentation

Energy Audit and Water Audit at PT Pertamina EP Region Sumatera field Rantau

Client: PT Pertamina EP field Rantau

Duration: 3 months (May 2012-July 2012)


  1. Assisted measurement of audit energy at building
  2. Performed mass balance of oil and water production at well
  3. Surveyed the condition of equipment and energy-consuming equipment at each oil gathering stations
  4. Reviewed and evaluated energy audit report

To Support Proposal Preparation of Viscosity Index Improver Basic Engineering Design for Lube Oil Blending Plant Gresik

Client: PT Pertamina Lubricants, Tanjung Priok

Duration: 1 month (May 2012 – June 2012)


  1. Supported marketing department in preparation of deliverable list for the proposal
  2. Learnt exsting design of viscosity index improver in PT Pertamina Jampea (licensor: Lubrizol)
  3. Conducted site visit to existing viscosity index improver in PT Pertamina Jampea to understand the process and required facilities
  4. Prepared preliminary sizing of blending tank and agitator

Engineering and Procurement phase: EPC Project of Turpentine and Its Derivative of Perum Perhutani, Pemalang, Central Java

Client: PT Perhutani

Duration: 14 months (May 2012 – June 2013)


  1. Created and evaluated of Piping and Instrumentation Diagram of Utility System, such as water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, fuel supply system, thermal oil system, fire fighting system, instrument air and plant air
  2. Performed engineering calculation, such as line sizing, tank sizing, and mass balance
  3. Evaluated technical matters of equipment packages with vendors
  4. Evaluated engineering documents from vendors
  5. Coordinated with other disciplines, such as civil engineer, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and instrument engineer
  6. Witnessed several performance test of equipment, such as performance test of pumps, hydrostatic test of tank and boiler, and pneumatic test of thermal oil heater

Precommissioning and commissioning phase: EPC Project of Turpentine and Its Derivative of Perum Perhutani, Pemalang, Central Java

Client: Perum Perhutani

Duration: 5 months (June 2013 – October 2013)


  1. Performed precommissioning of equipment (pump motor, fan driver,
  2. Performed commissioning of water treatment plant package with capacity of 5 m3/hr­ consisted of multimedia filter, reverse osmosis membrane, softener, and mixed bed polisher
  3. Performed commissioning of steam boiler with capacity of 2 x 4 m3/hr
  4. Performed commissioning instrument air and plant air system
  5. Performed commissioning of nitrogen generator
  6. Prepared daily precommissioning and commissioning report

Wastewater Treatment Proposal for Glenmore Sugar Refinery (Main Contractor: PT Rekayasa Industri)

Client: PT Rekayasa Industri

Duration: 2 months (February 2014 – March 2014)


  1. Prepared conceptual design for wastewater treatment package
  2. Prepared and solving technical issues with wastewater treatment vendors
  3. Prepared request for quotation and evaluating technical and commercial parts of quotation
  4. Prepared cost estimation for proposal
  5. Coordinated with supply chain department to prepare the technical and commercial proposal