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Problems in Secondary Copper Smelter: Possible Causes and Alternative Solutions

Recently I learnt about secondary copper smelter, the problems raised due to the processes, and what alternative solutions are. The motive was very clear: I need to prepare for the upcoming project. As already describled here, a process engineer is responsible for the process during project preparation and project execution. And that’s exactly what I am doing right now. Read More

Feed and Production Process of Ferronickel

Ferronickel is vital importance to modern society. It is because ferronickel is main feedstock in stainless steel production. Without stainless steel, we would not be able to enjoy many of the things that we take for granted, such as stainless steel appliances in our home and workplaces and computer.

There are two types of nickel ore on earth: nickel sulfide ore at the subtropical area and nickel oxide ore at the tropical area. Nickel oxide ore is usually called laterite, which represents 61% nickel ore on earth and 40% of world is in the form of laterite. Read More