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Understanding Overpressure and Thermal Relief

Thermal relief refers to automatic release of fluids or gases from a system to a specified level. Pressure relief systems are intended to prevent pressures in process equipment from increasing to the point where a mechanical failure or rupture might take place, automatically releasing any materials within.

What are causes of Overpressure?

There are several most common causes of overpressure.

Causes of overpressure
Causes of overpressure

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Firefighting Foam Demand Calculations

Firefighting Foam has been widely used as a fire extinguisher for flammable and combustible liquids for many years. It is consisted of premix solution (a ratio of water and foam concentrate) mixed with air. It forms a stable form blanket which spreads above the fuels and adheres to surfaces.

Foam forms a film above the fuel surface and seals vapor. Fire fighting foam concentrate prevents fuel contact with oxygen, resulting in fire suppression. It also has a high cooling effect and will avoid reignition. Read More