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Typical Content of Feasibility Study

Many people visited my blog because they searched about feasibility study. I wrote a bit about the topic years ago. I wrote it when I involved in my second feasibility study project, which is bankable feasibility study for ferronickel smelter.

In this post I want to share you typical content of feasibility study. The content actually may be different from one another, depends on the topic. But, after I involved in two previous feasibility projects and current project, I learnt that there is similarity about the structure of the content.

I hope you find this post is useful.

1.          Executive Summary

1.1        Introduction

1.2        Scope of Study

1.3        Summary of Results

1.4        Conclusion and Recommendation

1.5        Next Step of the Project

2.          Product Market Assessment

2.1        Introduction

2.2        Current Demand

2.3        Growth Demand/Forecasted Demand

2.4        Product Price Forecast

2.5        Product Quality Requirement

3.          Supply Assessment

4.          Supply Concept

4.1        Capital Expenditure Estiamate

4.2        Operating Expenditure Estimate

5.          Commercial Evaluation

5.1        Estimated Project Cost

5.2        Financial/Economic Analysis Summary

6.          Plant Location Assessment

6.1        Plant Location Options

6.2        Advantages and Disadvantages

7.          Conceptual Technology

7.1        Main Process Technology

7.2        Utility System

7.3        Safety System

7.4        Building and Infrastructure

7.5        Plot Plan

8.          Operation and Maintenance

9.          System Performance

10.      Project Execution Plan

11.      Regulatory and Permitting

11.1      Required Permits

11.2      Requirement for Environmental Impact Assessment

11.3      Information to Stakeholders

11.4      Establishing and Examination of Safety Reports

12.      Project Financing

12.1        Fund Resource and Financing Plan

12.2        Feasibility of Fund-Raising

12.3        Cashflow Analysis

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