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LNG Value Chain

My Current Project: All LNG!

Since the end of November 2015, my project was about LNG. Now, I also work with LNG. Totally my project related to LNG was three projects. Do you think that’s quite awesome?

I have done two LNG regasification project for power plant. Currently, I’m working on LNG terminal project and LCNG/LNG station. My first LNG project was very challenging. Not only because that was my first LNG project, but also the degree of difficulty and total regasification location. The first project involved 21 locations in Central Region of Indonesia. So, it was very tiring project.

LNG Value Chain (
LNG Value Chain (

My second LNG project was smoother that the first one. I thinks that’s because we have learned so many things from previous project. So the second project was the way to make my work better and more perfect, though I never really think my second work is perfect.

The third project was quite new for me. Actually, my client said this project is more simple that the previous two. It is because the process is only storing, pumping and filling (for LNG terminal), and storing, filling (for LNG dispensing), and storing, regasifying, and filling (for CNG dispensing).

Do you feel more expert in LNG?

Hmm, not really. Yes I admit that I learned so much by involving in this project. But as you may already know, I sometimes feel I worked so hard, but learn less. Since a long time ago I wish I had time or I spared my time to learn other people similar project or learn about standard (I actually have started) so that I know the correct design of the process.

I read more seriously about several LNG standards, such as NFPA 59A (Standard for the Production, Storage, and Handling of Liquified Natural Gas) and BS 1473 (Installation and Equipment for Liquified Natural Gas – Design of Onshore Installations).

Do you wish to involved in similar project in the future?

Yes, absolutely! Currently, I worked for FEED project (Front-End Engineering Design), so the design is not detail enough. I wish in the future I have opportunity to involve in DED project (Detail Engineering Design) and involve in construction and commissioning activity. So that my learning chain is complete. And also, I also want to involve in LNG liquefaction project. I thinks it will be very very challenging!

What is something new in your work?

Something new is very relative for everyone. Personally, doing Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) is something new. I did this in my second LNG project. We invited special HAZOP facilitator and our design was challenged. I feel this is opportunity to see if there is something wrong with our design or not.

That’s all I want to say. I wish I can write continuously to share you everything I have learned about LNG project 😉

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