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Example metering and regulation station

Understanding Metering and Regulating Stations and Its Part

This is the third post of city gas series. Please check the first post about how to calculate city gas requirement and the second post about city gas distribution network part 1

In previous post, I share you one important part of city gas distribution equipment which is Metering and Regulating Stations (MRS). For review, the function of MRS is to monitor flow rate of gas and to reduce gas pressure thus it meets requirement. Gas pressure is reduced from more than 16 bar to 5-15 bar in MRS. I checked in “City Gas Network Handbook” published by Indonesian Government, maximum pressure of city gas distribution system is 7 bar, although in reality, gas operating pressure is not that high.

Example metering and regulation stations
Example metering and regulating stations (source:

I personally think term metering and regulating stations is not right. The best call that represents actual condition of equipment is regulating and metering stations. Why? Because the gas pressure is regulated first, then it is metered, not otherwise.

In this post I want to introduce you every part of metering and regulation stations.

1: Welding Neck Flange

Weld Neck Flange
Weld Neck Flange (source:

2: Monolytic Insulating Joint

Monolytic insulating joint
Monolytic insulating joint (source:

3: Isolation Valve

Isolation valve
Isolation valve

4: Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge
Pressure gauge  (source:

5: Ball Valve

Ball valve
Ball valve  (source:

6: Gas Filter

Gas filter
Gas filter  (source:

7: Slam Shut Valve

Slam shut valve
Slam shut valve (source:

8: Regulator

Regulator (source:

9: Pressure Gauge

Same as no 4.

10: Safety Relief Valve

Safety relief valve
Safety relief valve (source:

11: Wafer Check Valve

Wafer Check valve
Wafer Check valve (source:

12: Ball Valve 

Same as no. 5.

13: Gas Metering

Meter gas
Meter gas  (source:

14: Volume Corrector

Volume corrector
Volume corrector (source:

15: Temperature Gauge

Temperature gaugeTemperature gauge (source:

16: Monolytic Insulating Joint

Same as no 2.

17: Welding Neck Flange

Same as no 1.

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