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Understanding Three Layers of Integrated Control and Safety Systems

In this post, I want to share with you about three layers of integrated control and safety systems. The layers consist of Basic Process Control System (BPCS), alarm, and Safety Instrumented System (SIS). I heard about these terms of BPCS and SIS quite late in my career as process engineer. I hope those do not happen to you

Three layers of integrated control and safety systems
Three layers of integrated control and safety systems

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Pneumatic Control and Electric Control Comparison

As you may already know, control is one of the most important part in plant. To ensure that every operating condition is controllable, we install many control valves that connected to a kind of process parameters, such as pressure, temperature, level, or phase interface. Control of parameter can be done by pneumatic control or electric control.

The availability of pneumatic control has declined, except in one area: gas pipeline industry. The main reason is pressurized gas is available to run the controller. It is essentially free and it does not introduce any additional hazard. Read More