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Where will my blog go?

I feel guilty to myself because I have broken my commitment: write and update this blog at least twice a week. So here I am, updating this blog. However, this post will be about where will my blog go.

I have listed several topics related to chemical engineering and general engineering. The topics was selected from google keywords and there are some topics that related with my previous works. I really wanted to make the post about those topics, but again I am afraid if my post would not be interesting.

I have checked how people came to my website and what they are looking for.

Jockey Pump Sizing

This post is the most-viewed post in this website. I think there are two reasons why: this is a quite old post (it was posted in 2012) and in my opinion, the topic about fire fighting system is always interesting.

Last year, I planned to write a series of post related with fire fighting and fire suppression system. But, I have not continued the post yet for one main reason: I don’t really understand the topic, I am still in learning stage. Hopefully, in the future I can share what I learn about this topic and share it with you.

Please check more about fire fighting topics:

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is the second most-viewed topic in this blog. The study is important step in go or no-go, so that maybe that explains why many of you are looking for this topic.

In 2012, I posted about difference between pre-feasibility study and feasibility study (at that time I involved in bankable feasibility study project for the first time). After that five years later, I wrote two posts about feasibility study to explain more about feasibility study, which are:


Calculation is maybe one of my greatest strength. I like sharing with you several simple calculation and spreadsheets. I know there are many similar calculation and spreadsheets on internet. However, I hope my post is much better than any post you found on internet.

Please check several of my calculation posts, such as:

My Future Plan

Actually I have several plans on mind about how I keep updating my post.

The first is, I want to share the most of my experience. It is relatively easy to compile several topics into one post. However, it is hard to relate those topics with my own experience. I hope I can share more about my actual experience in this website

The second, I want to share you the latest update in industry and if it is related with policies. How do I do this? Currently, I have been collecting several free magazines in LNG industry, geothermal, and hydrocarbon in general. I also subscribed to several webinars.

The third, I actually want to share you about my training and my skills improvement in chemical engineering. However, this is quite hard for me because training is not free. To compensate this, I want to participate in more seminars, maybe become a speaker, or participate in low-budget training.

Please support me in keeping this website up to date by subscribing and comments in this post.

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