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Watch What You Say

I can say all I have achieved in my life is begin with what I said. For example, I always say I want to be a consultant in past. I said that very lightly as if being a consultant is easy. And now, I am a consultant for six years! I have never been able to enter manufacturing, oil and gas company, or fast moving consumers goods company. I think I started to believe that what you say is what you pray for.

I always feel I will not get a chance to work at oil and gas company. Honestly, right now, I am looking for opportunity “to settle”. Last time, I thought I will work for the rest of my life in my previous company since I am already a permanent employee. But, something happened.

Talking about “settle”, what I mean is working in state-owned company, being a permanent employee, saving enough money for my future children and for me when I am old. I don’t know if I am too overthinking this, but I doubted that working style. I mean working from 8 to 17.

Next year I will marry. And after that, I am expected to move to my husband-to-be’s hometown in Northern Sumatera. At the same time, maybe, I will expect a baby. How can I balance my working life and family life?

What is the point of this writing? Let me sum up.

The least priority I choose a job is when:

  • Potentially far away from my husband
  • Working from 8 to 17

The second priority:

  • Relatively close to my husband
  • Working from 8 to 17

The first priority:

  • Relatively close to my husband
  • Flexible time

I do really hope I get a job with the characteristics I mention in the first priority.

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