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The status of my life

I continued searching for new company and new job. Unfortunately, good fate was not by my side yet.

I kept busy and made myself busy with something at office. I wondered if I really worked or not. I sometimes see time goes very slowly and slower day by day. I’m not sure this is a sign of something good or bad.

I continued having a bad dream. I sometimes take a nap but can not sleep much longer than I need because my heart beats faster and my mind keeps thinking of limitless ending of the recent project.

I feel gaining professionalism is getting very difficult. I found doing something right, although it is very simple, was very difficult for me. I did several mistakes which I believed it makes many people angry of me. Sometimes, it is good to handle less sub-project than doing all of them but you can not handle well. I felt it. I felt bitter experience.

Everynight I think about resign. I am not sure what the reason is. I was afraid I don’t have good reason to move out.

Today I applied for production method engineer online. They gave me a question that makes me think more. The reason you leave.

Well, I started thinking. And starting to write. The point is I need conducive environment to gain professionalism.

Hueh, so boring these days!

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