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Smile: A simple act to feel better

About a week ago, I was thinking to write something about smile. This inspiration came from daily human behavior. Smile is the way to show politeness, friendliness, and openness, especially in my country. When you don’t smile and show sad face, people may think you are a bit bad people, impolite, and a kind of unsocialized people. However, that was for normal smile. Sometimes, we smile for something not good (in the hope to feel good).

Yesterday I got a meeting and got scolded by my client. I totally forgot how to smile. In fact, I wanted to cry at that time. The condition was really appropriate to cry. I felt my eyes were hot, but I controlled my self and tried to act normally. I tried to smile to feel better. It worked at that time, but my heart was still hurt.

I smiled in the whole meeting as there was nothing happen with me. I guessed that only prevented me from crying. But I felt it would be worse if I did not smile.

I read a good post about smile in Download the Universe about the astonishing power of smile.

Your smile not only makes the people you smile at feel better, it makes you feel better too. Also, on a separate page very nearby, even as smiling makes you feel better, it makes others feel better! Or did I say that? Anyway, smiling at people also makes them think that you are both more competent and more friendly than they would think otherwise — and, incredibly, your smile also makesthem feel more friendly and competent. Plus better

I had my own experience. I got a new colleague, but he never smiled at me. He did not say a word for about three weeks. I waited if he would say something to me, but it never happened. Then, one day I gave up. This situation would be worse. When we passed each other, I raised by hand and smiled at him. He smiled at me. From that time, I felt a little bit better.

I totally agreed that smile can dramatically and quickly change social situations and breaking down barriers. As a follow-up of that “smile-thing”, I started to talk to him by offering my help. Everything much better, I felt better, so did he.

Smile, everyone!!! You don’t have to learn how to smile, even newly-born baby can smile!


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