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A Year Ago, A Year Ago

Actually more than a year ago (exactly 16 months ago), I wrote this post about how happy I was because of resigning from my first company. Then, now I moved again to another company. Still, I’m working in consultant company.

I moved to a company in my home town, Bandung, Indonesia. The difference between this company and previous company : this company’s business is basically ENGINEERING. So, I’m working in office mostly. But last week I spent almost my week in Oil Center, Jakarta.

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New Company

Hi, everyone! It’s been a long time since the last time I updated this blog. I want to share you a good news: I’ve resigned and got a new job. Yey!

The company which I am working for is EPC company especially for oil and gas project. Now I involve in gas development project in Senoro, Indonesia. Before I talk much about my work, I want to share you a few things about the process of deciding to resign.

See the whole things

Before you decide to take or not a new job, you need to see the whole project you’ve involved in. Don’t just see what is the latest project. In interview you may share about works or project you think the coolest, the most amazing, or the biggest. Sometimes, it does not help you or actually it does not fit for you (this is my real experience). If you have completed, for example, six projects, you need to analyze each of them and ask yourself: in what project I feel the most all out, which project I feel comfortable, learn the most, love the most, exciting the most…

Know your values

Money is consideration, but not the first one. I value creativity and freedom of thinking. I also value flexibility. You need to find what your values are and keep questioning: does the company you will be involved in appreciate your values?

Know your talents

This is the hardest one. Not everyone knows in which area they are good naturally. I suggest we need to keep doing exploring and analyzing ourselves in what kind of job we find easy for us to master and in what part we need to do extra effort. It’s good to have a job we love the most, fit with our talents, and appreciate your values. Have you find it?


The status of my life

I continued searching for new company and new job. Unfortunately, good fate was not by my side yet.

I kept busy and made myself busy with something at office. I wondered if I really worked or not. I sometimes see time goes very slowly and slower day by day. I’m not sure this is a sign of something good or bad.

I continued having a bad dream. I sometimes take a nap but can not sleep much longer than I need because my heart beats faster and my mind keeps thinking of limitless ending of the recent project.

I feel gaining professionalism is getting very difficult. I found doing something right, although it is very simple, was very difficult for me. I did several mistakes which I believed it makes many people angry of me. Sometimes, it is good to handle less sub-project than doing all of them but you can not handle well. I felt it. I felt bitter experience.

Everynight I think about resign. I am not sure what the reason is. I was afraid I don’t have good reason to move out.

Today I applied for production method engineer online. They gave me a question that makes me think more. The reason you leave.

Well, I started thinking. And starting to write. The point is I need conducive environment to gain professionalism.

Hueh, so boring these days!

Busy Engineer

These days I feel so busy so that I don’t have enough time to update this blog. I feel sorry about that because I have committed myself to keep updating the blog to prove that I learn something at work although it’s a bit.

I am actually not in a good mood to write technical things at work so that I just want to share to you what I am doing right now. I’m still doing EPC project as you may have already read on my previous post. However, the level of my work is getting higher and the portion is getting bigger. I feel so tired.

Although my academic background is chemical engineering, in the real life, I am not only dealing with process and chemical engineering things. In fact, I also deal with instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, and many more. It’s crazy because I haven’t learn about that in the university. However, I need to.

This is the list of recent works:

  1. Checking piping and instrumentation diagram especially instrumentation
  2. Make sure vendors are doing their job on schedule (fabrication and delivery)
  3. Checking engineering document from vendors
  4. Perform meeting with vendor to learn about product and to discuss about the appropriate equipment specification we need
  5. Perform technical meeting with vendors
  6. Doing necessary equipment inspection
  7. Coordinating with the team on site

Pretty much, huh?

So tired. But I feel this is very challenging and I hope I learn something from these difficulties.


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Sometimes, I feel involving in EPC project was such a chaos, totally messed up. The advantages of involving in low-cost project, such as feasibility study, is we are working in a small group of people. It is very easy to coordinate or to communicate, even to share information or transfer knowledge. EPC project is totally different. It involves many departments and involves other people outside the company, such as vendors. Read More

Chemical Engineer’s Diary: to Love What you Do

Today I was asked by operation director in my company. The questions were only three yet simple, but I totally can’t answer properly. The question was,

“What do you learn now?”

I think this is the first time someone in my company asked that question. People usually asks what is your job now? Or in what project are you involved? That’s very common.

I needed a second to find the answer. Then I answered, I kept concentrating on process. Honestly, I’m not sure that’s the right answer. I just need to answer right away.

The second question was

“What topic do you learn?”

I said I learn utilities (not all utilities of course. It’s just water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, thermal oil heater, and fire fighting system).

The last question which is the most important

“Do you like learning utilities?”

I just said that was the only job left for me. I kept concentrating, doing, revising, finishing utilities of our current project. I made Piping & Instrumentation diagram, prepare engineering document (such as individual specification, requisition, and other).

I keep thinking about the last question. Sometimes, I want to ask: can we choose what we want to do? It is because we usually do what we need to do or what job left for us. I don’t say that’s good or bad. In my experience, in the beginning of the project I am involved in, I had difficulties to finish my jobs. It took several weeks for me to finish piping and instrumentation diagram. Not only that, I also found difficulties to make document, such as design basis for fire fighting system. And the last one, I felt it is not easy to select the appropriate vendor for our water treatment plant.

Then I learnt. We found difficulties, we learnt, then we solved them. That’s life. And when you solved them, you feel like a genius like Einstein. I felt that way.

I always remember this

It is hard to always do what you love because sometimes you need to do what you don’t love. But you can put love in everything you do.

That makes me strong until now as inexperienced engineer who wants to be a professional.


If I were not working as chemical engineer

About two days ago,  I had a short yet inspiring conversation with my boss about one alumnus who works as commissioner in waste water treatment plant company. He’s chemical engineering student from ITB class of 1995. My boss said that there was a tendency among chemical engineering alumni class of 1995 to develop their own business. Class of 1988 also did so.

Then I asked my self. I didn’t find the answer. My boss said the working tendency can see seen seven to ten years after I graduated. So I will find the answer in 2016-2019.

I sometimes imagine what kind of people I will be in the future? Will I be the same person as I am today? Will I still work as chemical engineering consultant? Or will I be someone totally different? I don’t know. But I do feel I will be totally different person in the future.

I will be working for one year in this company by next month. I still have one question in my mind: do I love what I do.  I find it’s natural for someone to love and not to love some parts of their work. It also happens to me.

I also imagine if I were not working as chemical engineer, what would I do?

1. Full time blogger

I have been actively blogging since 2006 and I start to understand blogging and writing is part of my life. I had experience making money by writing (although it’s still amateur).

I keep writing and blogging after work hours to heal my self and find self enjoyment. I feel much better at work after fulfilling this hobby.

2. Teacher

If I were not working as chemical engineer, I would like to be a teacher, especially elementary school teacher. I love kids and I love to develop them emotionally and intellectually. I realize sharing and develop people to be a better person is my passion. I feel like I have ability to explore someone’s personality and help them to accomplish their goals in life.

3. Researcher

When I was a kid, I sometimes thinking I was born to learn in my whole life. I also imagined to have my own lab at home. When I pursued master degree, I realized working on lab excited me very much. I enjoy working overtime and dealing with microorganism, reading journals, and try new methods and see the results.


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