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Oil and Gas Company vs Project Management Consultant Company

I have a nice colleague. In some ways, I like him so much. But in other ways, I don’t like him when he started talking too much while I got many jobs to do. But overall, I like him. We get along well since I started working here. He’s more than friend for me (but not in romantic way, of course). He’s not really close with me, but every time I see him, I always remember my Dad.

On Friday (20/4), I had a short and nice conversation with me. As usual, he asked me to do or prepare something for our upcoming project: Detail Feasibility Study of Sabah Ammonia Plant. In addition, he also asked me if I mastered Aspen(R) (this is different issue from the previous one). He said he’s preparing proposal of biomass pyrolysis and wondered what’s the limitation of that program. 

Actually that is not the point of our conversation. He advised me to be more creative at work hopefully I will be more intelligent after I “graduated” from this company (indirectly, he suggested me “not to stay” in this company). Then he said, “If you want to looking for money, this is not the right place. You have to work in Oil and Gas company. But, if you look for knowledge, this is the place”. Then he suggested me to learn from other people, for example from our General Manager. And if necessary, it would be advantageous to learn something from other discipline, like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or piping engineering.

I started to think then. What do I really want to pursue?

The question in left figure is a bit tricky. Or in fact, it’s an easy question. Or maybe, it’s a stupid question. Why do you need to ask something like that? Of course Oil and Gas company, if you want money. Who does not want money? Who are among you choose PMC?

One day, my boss told me that what I am doing right now has the future career (indirectly, he also suggested me “not to stay”). He even mentioned which company I have to target. He then said, “If you worked there, you would be connected to global world”. I think, working as consultant is not bad, you know. How about the money? Learn now, get professional, move to international consultant company, then you got both of them: knowledge and money.

I don’t really know exactly what it feels to work in Oil and Gas company. I just heard from some people who shared their feeling with me when they worked in that company. Boring. One of my colleague said that. Why? He said the problems were repetitive. If you had a problem, the answer was almost the same answer. After four years working at France Oil and Gas company, he quitted.

What do I feel working at Project Management Company? It’s really CHALLENGING (and a bit difficult for me). Being a consultant wanna be, does not mean we are much better than our client. In fact, perhaps we learn from them. That’s what I felt when I worked on Mandiodo ferronickel project. Sometimes, the client contracted us not because they did not understand nor solve the problems. They perhaps need the second opinion if what they’re thinking is correct or not. In addition, they also can not prepared their own feasibility study, for example, to maintain the objectiveness of the content.

Being a consultant means you have to good on everything: writing, speaking, and of course calculating. But above all, you have to be good at thinking. I always feel the more I started new project and working with different, the more I feel stupid. I don’t know anything then I need to learn. Then I simply conclude, “You maybe don’t get much money. But you get something more precious than money which is knowledge”.

In a period of time, I feel like a waste of space (quoted from Katy Perry, Fire Works) because I did not work in Oil and Gas company. I always think I supposed to work there because I will waste my time and my efforts if I worked in “Ordinary Company”. Besides, I always want a “shortcut” (understand what I mean?). Then, one of my best friend said, “It’s ok. You don’t have to feel marginalized because you don’t work at Oil and Gas company. In fact, I think what you’re doing is cool, you know”.

One of my colleague also said, “Don’t waste your time. Learn something before you get out”.

I don’t know if this is the act of God to put me in this company or this is exactly my choice. My parents and some of my friends told me maybe this is the best for me. I think you can’t conclude something is the best for you and vice versa until you experienced it. You need to understand it “in and out”. I want to say, unlike other people, I need more steps to be intelligent and professional. Then, what to I really want to pursue? Well, it’s knowledge and experience.

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