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Job Description and Qualification of Process Engineer

I want to share you something important that maybe you’ve already known: job description and qualification of process engineer. My boss reminded me this at company’s manual meeting two weeks ago.

Qualification of Project Engineer (Including Process Engineer)

Project Preparation Step

  1. Responsible to create required design/engineering in the project proposal
  2. Responsible to prepare the availability of qualified manpower that support the project
  3. To support operation general manager and project manager to create policy, working procedure, working step related to engineering execution, in the project preparation step or project execution step
  4. To fully support project preparation step (planning and strategy of execution)
  5. To evaluate regularly engineering activity

Project Execution Step

  1. Job desk and responsibility of project engineer is regulated by project manager
  2. Participation of project engineer in the project is regulated by operation general manager


Qualification of Process Engineer

  1. Understand processing route of a material from a processing technology, be able to reformulate key information of a processing route in the form of block diagram, figures, and descriptive explanation
  2. Understand the concept of lay out arrangement based on the orientation of equipment and the integrity concept with infrastructure, and suitability with environment where the plant was constructed
  3. Understand the process description of process flow diagram and control system in P&ID diagram. Be able to review other’s P&ID especially in the control system
  4. Understand the procedure of precommissioning and commissioning
  5. Understand and can do basic calculation of determination of capacity/dimension/criteria of a processing equipment, and give professional justification of a suitability of equipment capacity and operating capacity in the process
  6. Understand the codes/references in the engineering process, can operate at least two softwares in the engineering step
  7. Understand the basic selection of material
  8. Understand safety requirement of processing system and can formulate design basis of safety system
  9. Understand interfacing of inter discipline



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