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Chemical Engineer’s Diary: It is not easy to be an engineer

Sometimes, I feel involving in EPC project was such a chaos, totally messed up. The advantages of involving in low-cost project, such as feasibility study, is we are working in a small group of people. It is very easy to coordinate or to communicate, even to share information or transfer knowledge. EPC project is totally different. It involves many departments and involves other people outside the company, such as vendors.

“It’s because of the process engineers…”

I hate when people blame me because I’m process engineer. “It’s because of the process. We got info from process”. I think process is the mother of EPC project. Even civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, instrumentation ask process engineer. It’s now very clear for me that being an engineer, especially real engineer, is not an easy task

I have ever got an experience working with electrical engineer for a quite period of time and I feel very bad. Really bad exactly. I can’t tell you why, but I tried my best to help that colleague of mine to finish the job. I have some portion of my work, it is line we share the same pie.

No one will pay for engineer-follower type

I got a meeting last week, involving several kinds of engineer (mechanical, electrical, instrument, process, and civil). The meeting was led my colleague who are pretty new in this project but he has a strong wit. He’s actually a kind of straight person, speaks what he likes, even what he speaks may hurt people, including me.

The very first sentence came from his mouth was, “No one will pay for engineer-follower type because company wants benefits”. He looked at me and I felt very bad. Was that me? Was he talking about me?

I understand I am not mature enough to be a real engineer. I want to understand if the engineer at my age does the same things as me, feel the same things as me, or being suddenly professional?

Actually, his words gave me a heart attack and head burnt. I am not a kind of person who is easily get angry or expressing anger in front of people. I promised my self to be someone in one day. An extra-ordinary one.


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