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How to be a Creative Writer

Two weeks ago, I got an amazing opportunity to participate in Bandung Creative Writer Festival, an event organized by KPKers (Creative Writers Community).

In this event I learnt how to motivate ourselves to be consistent in producing writings, how to gain ideas for our writings, and many more.

There are three speakers in this event, which are Jumadi Haryadi, who gave tips and trick to easily write something (we even practiced it in the event), Pak Adrie Noor, who has published books abroad, and Pak Ali Muakhir, who has wrote many kids and teenagers books.

Motivation First!

We write because we have motivation to write. What is your writing motivation? What your motivation is will drive you to be a lasted writer or temporary writer.

Several motivation of writing
Several motivation of writing

Free Writing

Sometimes we face difficulties when write something. But, when we say it, it is more easy. Why?

When we write, our brain is full of consideration regarding right and wrong, good or bad. It made us stuck. So, how we deal with it?

The answer is free writing! Free writing is writing method where you put everything cross your mind into papers in a short time. No need to rethink, reconsider. Just write as much as you can as fast as possible. After we finish writing, we re-read our writing and correct it.

“I don’t have the idea to write”

Sounds familiar? Yes, almost everyone ever experiences it: lack of ideas.

How we get so much ideas to write? In my experience, I got idea when I talked to people, reading books, or reading a particular institutions newsletters.

Ideas are around us. What you need to do is open your ears, open your eyes, and connect it with your experience!

When you see a water bottle, can you write something about it?

From a bottle of water, you actually can write many things. For example, why the design is like that, is water quality the same for each brand, how we deal with lack of water in Africa, is it good to drink more than 2 liter of water?

Now, I am ready to write, but how to keep consistent in producing writings in the future?

Starting is easy for some people, but to keep going with what you do is the most difficult. It is the same for writing. How can you be consistent in producing writings?

Again, this tips is not beautiful at all, but it will help.


Get used to Free Writing.

Don’t make writing profession as number 2 profession (I frequently use this excuse to skip writing! This is not good!)

How creative writers make differences?

Future is filled with creative people. They have ability to create things, create something new, and always innovate. Creative writers too!

If you feel you are not creative enough, don’t be sad. You are not alone. I am neither.

In this event, there was a simple test how to check if someone is creative or not.

The test was simple. You were asked to draw a line and a leaf. What was the result?

Most people will draw straight line and typical leaf. However, a creative one find other things. Line is not always straight and leaf can also be unique and beautiful.

Don’t be sad if you draw a straight line. We can improve our creativity by several ways.

Read a lot! Read like you eat!

Observing more.

Thinking deep.

Brain storming.


Doing Research.

I hope you enjoy this post. Are you ready to be a creative writer?

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