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Best Moment in My Life

When I looked back what I’ve experienced, I realized that most of my best moments in my life happened when I lived in Taiwan, when I pursued Master Degree.

My First Publication

I was so happy because at the second semester, my Ph.D supervisor asked me to take a part in writing article review, Cultivation, photobioreactor design and harvesting of microalgae: a critical review. Although I’m not the first author, I feel happy because that article was listed in Most downloaded bioresource technology article. Since then, I got a powerful spirit and motivation to learn and more serious in doing my research. If you wish to get this article but don’t have access to download it, you can contact me.

Cultivation, photobioreactor design and harvesting of microalgae for biodiesel production
Cultivation, photobioreactor design and harvesting of microalgae for biodiesel production

My First Academic Achievement

I’ve never participated in any competition. But in Taiwan, I participated in the 16th Biochemical engineering symposium in Southern Taiwan University and got the 1st prize on English presentation category. I got NTD 3000 or about IDR 900,000. It was really amazing!

My First Writing Competition

I also got the 1st prize on writing competition held by Indonesia Students Union in Tainan (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Tainan). This is the first time I got achievement because of my hobby!

Become a Writer in Indonesia-Taiwan Magazine

About several months, I contributed some short stories to Indonesia-Taiwan Magazine. I never thought my hobby would be really helpful and joyful!

Feel really strange…

Sometimes I feel really strange about myself. I compared myself with my closest friends during undergraduate. Then, I found that I am really unique. Among them, I am the one who is really stupid about chemical engineering. I got the lowest GPA. That did not make me down because I have something I am proud of. I am the one who expert in getting the books in library and get the data from Google (I don’t know if I need to be proud about this. I guess this is because I don’t have anything I need to be proud of 😀 ). And also, among them, I am the one who is good at writing. I also the best in English.

More Achievements?

I am not sure if I wish more achievements. I feel the achievements I need are:

  • to be good at work, to be trusted by boss, colleagues, and clients, to be more clever, and to be a leader
  • to be happy, healthy, and balanced
  • to be successful in what I plan

Oh God, please give me strength..

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” (Lao Tzu)

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