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About My Work and Writepreneurship

Because this is the end of weekend, I want to write as many topics as possible. I am sure it would be hard for me to write something I don’t really understand. Here in this post, I want to write something crossed my mind today. There are many things I want to write, but I don’t know what is the purpose. However, I keep thinking those are very important for me.

About My Work and How I Will Pass My Days

It was a long weekend since Friday till Saturday. The worst thing was I almost forgot my work. I meant, I wanted to finish my work or at least I learnt something from what I am doing right now. The fact is I almost did nothing. On Friday, I did open the old files related to Cost of Good Sold of our proposed project and I planned to update them. However, I slept long day, finished reading Kubah by Ahmad Tohari and starting to read Bittersweet by Danielle Steel.

Now I feel very worry to face the day. There are two reasons.

  1.  I am sure I need to finish the proposal of our proposed project and update our ferronickel project at the same time. It must be really tiring
  2.  I am not sure I can do something new or something really-engineering. All I do is typing or wording which maybe quite easy. Some people may think it does not require brain (I hate the people who belittle this job!)

A long time ago, I believe the quotes:

You are what you think.

At the first, I don’t believe that. But, I realized several facts happened to me are the results of what I was thinking, even a long time ago. So, I think I need to keep positive thinking and believe that tomorrow will lead something good, something beyond my imagination.



I checked my facebook and found my friend updated his status. He said,

It was really embarrassing because I haven’t started business yet although I was graduated from university; while out there, even someone who graduated from elementary school can create business successfully.

It was not new for me. I thought it was a quite serious problems occurred among graduated students. More people are graduated from university. On the other hand, not much vacancies are available for them. It leads to more unemployment.

It is very ironic for someone who graduated from university are unable to find an appropriate job. On the other side, some people who are not graduated from university are successful in creating money through entrepreneurship.

The real example is my Dad. He was graduated from high school but I am proud of him because since he was young, he started his own business: selling coconuts. He quit from being civil servant and become full time entrepreneur.

I started to think maybe I also should be entrepreneur. But honestly I am not good at business. I am not brave enough to start my own business and I also don’t have much friends or networks. The idea of entrepreneurship seems impossible for me. But I guess I can utilize my ability and my hobby to make more money: writepreneurship, create more money through writing.

I don’t say writing is easy or simple. I also don’t say it is even hard or impossible. I see it is a chance for me to make more money. The first is, because I love writing very much (forget about how amateur I am). The second is, I knew this would be very promising.

How do we start?

The key of making money through writing is very simple.

Write something useful and enjoyable.

That’s all. People will buy your book if they find it would help them. They will recommend your book if they think it is also enjoyable. Your book should be enlightening other people’s mind, and also, it must not boring (a.k.a enjoyable).

I haven’t published a single book yet. But I am sure, if you write something that make people feel better and wiser, your book would be best-selling book.

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