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A Year Ago, A Year Ago

Actually more than a year ago (exactly 16 months ago), I wrote this post about how happy I was because of resigning from my first company. Then, now I moved again to another company. Still, I’m working in consultant company.

I moved to a company in my home town, Bandung, Indonesia. The difference between this company and previous company : this company’s business is basically ENGINEERING. So, I’m working in office mostly. But last week I spent almost my week in Oil Center, Jakarta.

How do I feel?

At the first week my task is to develop document for bidding process. My job was preparing process flow diagram. I felt a bit boring because it’s not that challenging. It’s basically redrawing from existing PFD, so the job was finished within two days.

The next day, I asked my project manager if there’s something I can do to get more challenges. However, he told me that nothing I can do because the project was not started yet. Then, I asked my other friend about a project. The project was sound interesting: mini LNG project. We haven’t started a deep discussion then we were told that the project is canceled due to some reason. Then, I was told to learn about mini refinery.

When I was told to learn mini refinery, I felt confused. Deep in my mind I felt the project would not work in this situation, where crude oil price was really low. But, I don’t have nothing to do and that task gave me a bit motivation, so I did learn about mini refinery. I prepared short presentation about mini refinery and I also created a simple Hysys simulation of mini refinery about (10 000 BPD) using crude assay data. I added simple distillation unit and vacuum distillation unit to the facility. I took that task very seriously even though I knew the work maybe useless. But, in the end, I like my presentation so much.

What do you do now?

Now I have a settle team. I involve in a Gas Filling Station project. Actually the project has been started long before I joined this company. My first task was to prepare hydraulic analysis for existing gas pipeline which will be hot-tapped with other gas pipeline supplied to gas filling station.

The second task, which a bit takes time, and not as easy as I think is to prepare Inspection and Test Plan. I know I’m process engineer and have nothing to do with ITP. But, my previous working experience helped me a lot in completing this task.

The third task was to prepare hazard identification study report. When I was given this task, I felt strange because HAZID report should be prepared after long discussion with specialists and related party. I was told that the report will not be accepted by client easily (I knew that), so there will be a discussion after the report was submitted.

I hope I have a chance to have such discussion because that would be my first discussion about HAZID.

So, that’s all my story. What about you?

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