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Shake That Brain! How to Create Winning Solutions (and Have Fun While You’re at it)

Yesterday, I wrote an e-book titled Shake That Brain! How to Create Winning Solutions (and Have Fun While You’re at it). I haven’t read the whole pages of the book, but I was so lucky because I chose the appropriate chapter.

The author of this spectacular book is Joel Saltzman, a speaker, facilitator, and coach. I said spectacular because I knew this book was absolutely great by reading only one chapter.

I read Chapter 4: Learn That Mistakes Are Great

Favorite Quotes

The more mistakes you made, the better your chances to success.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

It’s not that I’m smart, it’s just that I stay with the problems longer (Albert Einstein)

I am a kind of people who are ALWAYS afraid to try. In the end, I’ve never tried. I was too afraid to make mistakes and to fool my self. I keep thinking something won’t work and it would be better to forget about that. Do the old way, never try the new one.

But I realized it was totally wrong…

Allowing yourself to make mistakes is the may to get closer to success. The more you do mistakes, the more you know what is good and what is wrong. We never learn from truth, we learn from mistakes. Even, the important inventions in the world came from mistakes.

Important Inventions

Coca cola. Someone accidentally added carbonated water instead of regular water.

Silly Putty. A “failed” rubber substitute

Post-it Notes. Made from a “failed” adhesive

Do experiment. Makes mistakes. Achieve success.

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