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Watch What You Say

I can say all I have achieved in my life is begin with what I said. For example, I always say I want to be a consultant in past. I said that very lightly as if being a consultant is easy. And now, I am a consultant for six years! I have never been able to enter manufacturing, oil and gas company, or fast moving consumers goods company. I think I started to believe that what you say is what you pray for.

I always feel I will not get a chance to work at oil and gas company. Honestly, right now, I am looking for opportunity “to settle”. Last time, I thought I will work for the rest of my life in my previous company since I am already a permanent employee. But, something happened. (more…)

I Participated in Lokakarya Sertifikasi Insinyur Profesional LSIP

Yesterday I participated in “Lokakarya Sertifikasi Insinyur Profesional LSIP” or Professional Engineers Certification Workshop held by “Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia” (Indonesian Engineers Association) in Jakarta. It was very awesome experience and I will tell you why.

At the beginning my motivation behind participating in this workshop was simply to get certified as professional engineer. Maybe if I get certificate, it will add value to myself. After I participated the workshop, being professional engineer is more than that. Being professional means to always work safely, to continuously improve oneself, and to contribute to the society. I am sure there are more than that, but those three points are what I remembered.

What did I get in Lokakarya Sertifikasi Insinyur Profesional LSIP?

In this lokakarya I got explanation about:

  • Indonesian Law no 11/2014 about engineering
  • Organization structure of Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (Indonesian Engineers Association)
  • Engineer ethics code
  • Professional engineer application form – how to fill the application


Things I Will Not Buy Anymore

I was moved when I watched a concept of minimalism in Japan on Youtube . I realized that space is one of big issues in my house. So, in order to not make it worse, I will not buy some stuffs in the future anymore. Instead of buying these things, I want to save more money or invest more to buy a house or vacation. (more…)

Little bets

Book Review: Little Bets, How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries

Weekend is almost over. So let’s begin new week with new insight. Instead of sharing chemical engineering things which may be quite serious, in this post I want to share you a book I read. The title is Little Bets – How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries by Peter Sims.

I just read second chapter of the book of ten chapters. So I am quite slow at reading. That is because content in second chapter is really amazing. I highlighted most of the chapter and I internalized the chapter. Problem I always face after reading good book is I forget the content or I don’t know how to behave better based on the book. So, here I write it so it will lessen my forgetfulness.

Title about second chapter is The Growth of Mind-SetI kept repeating word “growth”, “grow”, “growing” to myself and I visualized is as growing small tree. This chapter is really important for me. (more…)