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Attending Indonesianisme Summit 2017: Winning Indonesian Industry

On December 2017, I got an opportunity to attend Indonesianisme Summit 2017: Winning Indonesian Industry. I know this is a very old topic and you may already know about this event. But, I want to make this event as a part of my story, where someday I can give significant contributions to Indonesian industry.

This event was a huge event where many people, especially ITB alumni got together from variety of backgrounds. The event itself was divided into plenary session and specific forum. The specific forum was:

  • Transportation industry and infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Digital industry, creative, and culture
  • Food industry and pharmacy
This is me at Indonesianisme Summit 2017
This is me at Indonesianisme Summit 2017

What is the biggest contributor of Indonesia economic growth?

Manufacture industry is still the biggest contributor of Indonesia economic growth since 2011. The role of manufacture industry is very important because it is labor intensive, add value to natural resources, encourage consumption and export.

Manufacture industry sectors and its examples are shown in figure below.

Manufacture industry examples
Manufacture industry examples

Presentation of several companies related to industrial energy 

Because my works are mostly energy-related, then I participated energy industry forum. In this forum, we listened to the presentation of several companies, such as Pertamina, Patria, BPPT, PAL, and PT Hidro Turbin Indonesia. Before each company presented about their company, there was presentation from Mr. Arcandra Tahar, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia.

Pak Arcandra Tahar at Indonesianisme Summit - Energy Industry Forum
Mr. Arcandra Tahar at Indonesianisme Summit – Energy Industry Forum

Mr. Arcandra Tahar said that there are four components that can add value of a country: natural resources, technology, financing, and utilization of natural resources.

Natural resources shall be utilized wisely. Technology used to process natural resources should be developed in Indonesia. If that’s not possible, there should be technology transfer knowledge.

Financing should be from Indonesia if possible. This is the hardest, because high interest rate.

Sharing material of Indonesianisme Summit

If you wish to have material of Indonesianisme Summit, please fill the comment below and I will share you the material to your email.

I wish you enjoy this post!

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