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The Status of Work Life: No More LNG Project – My First Well Development Project

Actually I want to tell you my current work life happily. Unfortunately, there are so many things happened during last month that make my mind confused, a bit stressed, and my body felt fatigue. I can’t tell you what the problems are.. It is because it is just too sensitive and too personal.

Well, I will start with the first news that I am no longer handle LNG project. Three weeks ago, I had a presentation for our QRA project for LNG regasification facilities. But about a month before that, I did not work with LNG. I feel a bit sad because I think LNG will be one of area of expertise. But I no longer have opportunity to hone my knowledge and skills since there is no project to be done. Maybe, the only opportunity left is by reviewing my last project, learning a little from a big picture, and share it to you in this blog.

The second news is the reason behind the vacuum of this blog for a month was I handle well development project in Cirebon, West Java. It was pre-front-end engineering design actually. I lived in Cirebon for a month, although I went home every weekend. I wish I could update this blog during weekend or after work. But, I think I am too lazy to do that. Bad habit.

I can say this was my first well development project, although this was not my first time I handled exploration and production project. Last time, I was involved involved in plant assessment in Cilacap. The owner was one of oil processing company. In addition, I also ever prepared a presentation for oil processing facilities. So, I can say, it was not really my first project.

Regardless what was going in my company, I am quite happy to do the project. I can say this project widened my area of expertise. Although sometimes I think it will be perfect if my company situation is good.

So, that’s all I want to say. I want to share you some experience in this pre-FEED project. I hope I have opportunity to share with you in the future. Good luck to you all!

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