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Pre-FEED is My Second Project of The Year

Pre-FEED (Preliminary Front End Engineering Design) is my second project of the year. This is not the first time for me, especially Pre-FEED of oil and gas surface facility. However, the complexity is completely different from the previous one. I can say, this one is much more challenging.

The Pre-FEED I worked on is for Plan of Development (POD). Through POD, SKK Migas (Indonesia Special Task Force for Oil and Gas) along with KKKS (Cooperative Contract Contractor) are able to produce hydrocarbon reserve (which is national asset) very well, by considering both technical and commercial aspect, so that it will give benefit for Indonesia and fair benefit for KKKS.

How can Pre-FEED has something to do with POD?

POD is a kind of book which consists of several chapter. PTK-037 (Pedoman dan Tata Cara Kerja tentang POD – Guidelines and Work Procedure of POD) is a standardized procedure to prepare POD. POD book consists of 14 chapters.

Content of POD Book
Content of POD Book based on PTK-037

In general, POD book consists of subsurface aspect and non-subsurface aspect. And Pre-FEED is used to prepare Chapter 6 of POD-Production Facilities.

Pre-FEED for POD consists of several technical options or scenarios to develop production facilities. It includes technology selection and cost estimation in conceptual level. Basically, it consists of a lot of study. We have to explain why we select this technology, not the other one. But, keep in mind that Pre-FEED is only tools or material to prepare what is bigger – Chapter 6 of POD.

Chapter 6 of POD explains several aspect from engineering results.

Content of Chapter 6 POD
Content of Chapter 6 POD

The challenge I feel by doing this project is the study of production facilities scenario. The scenario itself can be as much as ten or twelve scenario. It depends on several factors, including offtaker. It took quite some time to prepare related documents.

The second challenge is to prepare cost estimation. It would be very nice if price database is ready. In my experience, we asked vendor for the budgetary price or we did interpolation from existing equipment capacity.

I hope you enjoy this post and feel free to contact me if you want to know more about Pre-FEED for POD.

Feed your curiosity by reading guidelines and work procedure of POD (only available in Bahasa Indonesia).

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